Creative Strategy,
Video & Animation Production


About Us

Studio Hue is a young & dynamic team working across Copenhagen and Zurich. Our greatest strength lies in our ability to develop and execute on complex & unique ideas, fast.

It started from an ambition to break free from the traditional agency model and be able to share unrestricted ideas with clients. We don’t believe in middlemen and make sure that our clients communicate directly with the creative team for a lean and hyper efficient workflow.



Augmented Reality

AR Marketing Strategy & Implementation
One image speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a thousand images, AR shows a thousand videos.

Augmenting 3D content engages audiences over 200% more as they deliver the highest levels of engagement and is statistically proven to increase conversion rates by over 27.96% on retailer websites. At Studio Hue, we create virtual versions of your product and services to share with people, where they are to experience it virtually before physically.

AR Marketing Strategy & Implementation
AR Apps & Experiences
The beauty of Augmented Reality is that it can happen anytime, anywhere.

We help brands create tailored experiences natively integrating to existing apps, new apps, or browser enabled experience for ultimate usability and higher conversion rates.

AR Apps & Experiences
AR Advertising
Take your marketing & advertising beyond reality with an enhanced Augmented Reality experience.

AR is up to three times more memorable than other media and receives 48% more engagement than TV advertisements. Advertising is finally being elevated and moving into the third dimension.

AR Advertising
3D Product Demos & Visualization
Product visualisation is try before you buy for the digital age.

We replicate your existing products or services as well as take existing 3D model files, and convert them into state of the art scalable demos that can be experienced anywhere, at any time.

3D Product Demos & Visualization
"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein

Dreaming of performance in a different universe, or having virtual characters on stage with you dancing in synchrony? Imagination and ambition are the only things holding you back.




We get to understand you, your goals, and your target audience. You receive a thorough project plan, its breakdown, with supporting research that ensures your business goals, branding are reviewed and considered within the scope of the project.

Story & Production

We stand by the belief that no matter how good your marketing plan is, a great story elevates it even further. Every creative step we take has a purpose - whether it's sparking emotions from your audience, or solidifying a brand message. We love what we do, (and won’t stop before you do too.) and we will make sure that you can be part of each step of the creative process.


Do not be fooled by Social Media vanity metrics and performance reports. By simply making a post, or launching a video does not mean there will be any value in it. We only measure numbers that demonstrate the relationship between cause and effect, allowing you to know where to go from there.